Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We are all the 1%

(from somebody's perspective)

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 It's so easy to identify with the 99% Occupy movementthat has now reached 600 communities in the U.S. and 82 countries worldwide. Certainly, the financial difference between the elite rich and the rest of us is off-the-charts bigger than it's ever been in recent history and shows little sign of slowing down. Economist Paul Krugman  writes that the number is really more like .1%, making this gross inequality even more mind-boggling. If even a portion of this difference were redistributed to those in need, it would be an enormous benefit across a wide spectrum of the population.

But are the elite 1% the only ones unwilling to give up their advantage to better others less fortunate (or less ruthless)? Just as Obama's lack of audacity may represent the way many of us exhibit our own wishy washy complacency, I find it useful to see how the major archetypes in the news reflect something in the general public. Let's be conscious as we hurl that first stone.

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If you are reading this Blog on a computer, you are in the 1% from somebody's perspective, just on a different scale. You have a roof over your head, electricity, probably food in your belly, and a place to sleep. You may even have some disposable income, even if it's a meager pittance compared to Wall Street insiders.  

Yet how willing are you to relinquish some of your cash to the beggar on the street, to organizations like Oxfam or Women's Earth Alliance or Amnesty International, or any of the other thousands of organizations set up to address social inequalities? Is it worth passing up that cute little necklace or foregoing a few soy lattes?

I recently considered buying myself the new iPhone 4 for a mere $200, even though I already have an old 3G model. Then I heard a chilling description from Mike Daisey's monologue aired on NPR. It's about Apple technology and Foxconn, the plant where they make all those nifty life-changing products we love so much. Foxconn is a plant in China the size of a city -- 430,000 people. Many of the workers he interviewed are age 12-16, crammed together like sardines, doing meaningless repetitive work for 12- to 16-hour shifts. Their hands get crippled by their work before they reach adulthood and they have to put nets on the buildings because there are so many suicides. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxxconn, refers to them as "animals."

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I'm not sure what to do about this problem, but it's keeping me awake at night. I love my Apple products the way Wall Streeters love their bonus checks. Daisey's monologue has produced a flurry of letters to Apple, and apparently they have their own rebuttal about attempts to change the situation.But we know this is happening, not just in China, but all over the world, where slave labor brings us cheap products that we in the first world get to enjoy.

Whenever I am tempted to complain about my life, or vilify the 1% that are soaking up the general circulation of funds like a blood clot soaks up blood, I have to remember that whenever I point a finger outward, three fingers point back at me.  

It's all just a matter of scale.

Brightest blessings,

-Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding Grace in Transition

Finding Grace in Transition

 Evolution. It's not just a good idea, it's inevitable.
One thing about evolution: it's always moving to the future. Even when it seems like we're moving backward in some kind of bizarre regression like the Tea Party -- the actual movement is still forward -- sort of like the planets going retrograde every so often. They haven't actually changed direction, it just appears that way from our stationery perspective. Astrologers will tell you that retrogrades can represent the disruption that leads to a new order. Retrogrades are also times to clean up the past.
So here we are, at the front end of 2012, perching on what we believe will be evolution's Big Shift Year. Decades ago, when I first thought about it, I imagined we'd be much farther along by now -- that we would have figured out how to live in peace, share wealth, take care of the environment, and live elegant lives supported by advanced technology. I certainly didn't think a world teeming with overpopulation would be arguing about women's legal right to use birth control (thank you Rick Santorum), or that 115 days into the Occupy movement we'd be listening to Wall Street brokers threatening to quit if their bonuses were reduced.  

But wait, isn't it always darkest before the dawn? Aren't we just barely crawling out  of the  darkest time of year, still at the pink-orange sunrise of the new year, let alone the dawning light of the next era? Here's something to think about as the light grows around you: Like a holograph, whose parts always contain the whole, each photon of light carries information in a 360-degree perspective. That's what light does; it helps us see where we're going, helps us see the big picture. If we listen to each other's perspective, we can see the whole take shape.   

The dance of evolution moves toward greater bodies of wholeness -- more parts working together in larger numbers. From single-celled organisms that took 3 billion years to cooperate as simple creatures, to ego-based individuals who must now figure out how to run a planet together, evolution is a cauldron of creativity always finding new ways to melt its disparate parts into a greater whole.   

To transform into that whole, we first have to melt. We have to be willing to let go of old forms, attachment to outcome, to believing that we know everything. We have to let go of the illusion of separation, even as we hang on to our own important agency. Our unique note in the symphony is necessary, but the symphony is something we create together. We can consciously co-create with evolution -- as long as we understand that it's the senior partner in the dance -- much, much older and wiser than we are.

Where there's pain, that's evolution urging you somewhere else. Feel it, pay attention, then melt your stance. Listen to the heart, which moves toward greater expansion. Anytime you create more organization, harmony, beauty, truth, or goodness, you are moving in the direction of evolution. Where can you create more beauty in your life? Where can you find more harmony with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, home environment, or within yourself? How can you use this time to get more organized for the year ahead? Step outside, into the light, and see the bigger picture taking shape, one photon at a time, all around you.

Grace is the music that coordinates separate parts into a greater whole. When those parts move in harmony, singing to Divine's not-so-subtle urges toward greater perfection, try to surrender and ride the waves -- even through their ups and downs. Have faith that you really are going somewhere -- just like all the rest of us on this bumpy ride to the future.

Brightest blessings,

-Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These are the Times

Beloved Co-Hearts:
The time we have all been building up to for lifetimes is now upon us: the time of the Big Shift, all hands on deck, for what many are calling the Great Turning. I call it the Great Awakening because we are on the verge of the greatest awakening that any species has ever had on this planet. Everything is accelerating toward this point and has been for some time. What is important must be anchored, tied down, for the storm ahead. What is not important must be released and recycled-it only becomes dead weight a we rise from the depths of winter, returning toward the light.

I could write lots more but for my New Year's gift I will leave you with this poem.


These are the times we have been waiting for.
These are the times that our countless lifetimes
of living and dying have been leading up to.
Through endless cycles of hope and despair,
as master and slave, soldier and slain.
As a mother who lived through yet another childbirth,
and a child who died much too young,
All to continue the species to be here, now,
Alive at this time of Great Awakening.

These are the times that we have chosen to be here
Chosen to be part of the Big Change
The wonderful realization of who we are,
The recognition of who we've been in the past,
And the tantalizing vision of who we are becoming
Beacons of light co-creating a new world.

These are the times to say
"We were the ones!"
with a thousand, million others
We were the ones,
Who cared enough to change the world.
who considered the fate of the unborn children of the future
Who saw the immense possibilities of miraculous rebirth.

These are the times for us all to say
We were the ones who did turn away
Turned away from what was, turned away from what is
And joined our hands together to turn toward what will be
Birthing the phoenix of glorious possibility from the ashes of a dying world.

We are the ones who dared to see and dared to say
Who stopped at nothing to change the way
Who faced the darkness of our initiation
Faced the death and transformation,
To awaken our divine powers to create a new world.

We are the ones
Blazing with vision, bursting with truth
Weeping with compassion
Staggering with the implications of our understanding

For we are the ones who dared to love
When the world itself had forgotten.

 Letting Go 
 Brightest Blessings,

-Anodea Judith 

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Darkness Reveals & Light Heals


solstice man 

Once again we are ending a cycle, completing our trip around the sun with Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year. The most ancient of archetypal partners, darkness and light play deep in our psyches and indeed all of nature. Yet we scarcely know what darkness even is anymore - so vast is the array of electric lights drowning out the stars in the night sky. The fear and inconvenience of darkness, like that of death, has spurned endless achievements and triumphs of light, from our oldest mythologies to modern technology.

Darkness is a deeply fertile time, a time of imagination and visioning, a time of rest and renewal, a time of going deep within yourself to commune with the depths of your own soul and that of Nature. We avoid this darkness at our own peril, exhausting our resources within and without. In the archetypal dance, darkness is the senior partner, the realm of emptiness and fertility, from which all things emerge.

Darkness represents the most feared and repressed aspect of the Goddess-the wisdom of the ancient Crone. Her repression has resulted in a linear trajectory of constant expansion, endless activity, and achievement. Without the cyclic nature of balancing light with darkness, we are unwittingly creating it - through an unsustainable society that threatens the end of over a million species and hundreds of millions of people.
As we head into the beginning of 2012, we are facing an unknown future. Business as usual cannot be assumed. We cannot bank on anything staying the same - not the economy, the environment, certainly not technology. Yet we must vision and plan anyway.  What do we count on?  

We can only choose to build our lives on the values that are most important to us. They become the foundation, the first chakra earth base upon which we build our future. Whether it's a business, a relationship, or a project, set a firm foundation of integrity - and take your time creating it. Preparing the ground makes for fertile growth when the light waxes in the new year.

 wheel year 

As we near the bottom of the wheel of the year, we are hitting the pivot point from which we bounce back up the other side.  In order to make it back up from the depths, we need to let go of excess weight, in terms of old patterns and aspects of life that no longer serve us. It is interesting that the word "light" represents not only the source of illumination and growth but also the opposite of heaviness.  

Letting go into emptiness and darkness is actually a way of lightening up. What we release lightens our load, makes it easier to ride up the wheel toward the returning light and new growth of the next cycle.  These first few days of the new cycle can be a good time to fast - though it's a difficult time to avoid the endless parties and delectable goodies of the season.  

Just as bulbs need a good chill in the winter to make beautiful blossoms, we need to dream in the darkness to invite in the light. Linger here. Taste its sweet bitterness. Empty out and listen to spirit. Disengage the clutch of your life and allow yourself to change gears. You may find that spirit has a download just waiting for your mind to be empty enough to listen.

May you all have a blessed Holiday Season of Joy, Love, and Light,

Anodea Judith

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