Friday, July 29, 2011

Accessing Deeper Levels of Awareness

Trance for Transformation
By Selene Kumin Vega

From Amanda Sweetwater's site
Image taken from Samantha Sweetwater blog

How do we access our intuition and creativity? How do we guide others in the process of deep healing and awakening? And how do we find the deepest harmony among the many parts of ourselves?

Our everyday state of consciousness takes us through our daily lives, yet a wealth of wisdom lies just beneath the surface. We find new solutions when we access deeper levels of awareness to help us find the way. Lasting healing and growth comes when we can bring together the cognitive mind – our everyday conscious mind – and the unconscious mind. Both teaching and healing requires us to help our students and clients integrate these two realms of consciousness.

Image taken from Samantha Sweetwater blog
Image taken from Samantha Sweetwater blog

Opening those channels and entering that deeper territory takes more than our conscious intention. Those who attend workshops or seek healing are longing for integration between the different parts of themselves. We can assist them best by helping them find their own answers from deep within – far more than providing answers or intellectual information. We can create a safe context for self-exploration and healing and guide them into a state of consciousness conducive to building a new relationship between conscious and unconscious mind. This state of consciousness is often referred to as trance.

In a light trance, a relationship begins to develop with the unconscious mind. New internal connections can be explored through movement and creative expression, awakening awareness of the mind-body connection where healing and transformation take place. We gain access to a deep source of wisdom that can direct us on the path towards aligning the fragmented parts of ourselves and moving creatively into our full potential.

taken from Samantha Sweetwater blog
Image taken from Samantha Sweetwater blog

Therapists and workshop leaders enter the realm of creativity together with clients and students to support their transformation as they gain insight, wisdom, and integration. Yet the guide into the realm of transformative experience participates as well. Learning to guide this process aligns you with an evolutionary current of development that can heal not only each individual on that path, but ripples out to the community and world in which we live.
Conducting a class requires creation of a group field within which individual healing can take place. Learning to conduct trance journeys and skillfully direct group energy will make your classes a profound journey with lasting effects.

Once a year, at Sacred Centers Immersion, Selene Kumin Vega teaches GUIDING THE JOURNEY – a class that will teach you how to effectively handle group energy in a class and safely guide individuals or groups into these essential states of awareness.

Come join us at Gabriola Island for 5 days of learning to guide the journey to wholeness and gain new tools to help your students and clients.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heaven On Earth

I am utterly blessed to be writing you from the part of the Italian Alps known as the Dolomites, where I am soaking up a precious 3 full days between a weekend workshop in Berlin, Germany, and one in Alassio, Italy. Truly this is a heavenly piece of earth. The majesty all around is awe-inspiring, as every turn of the trail creates another breathtaking view. Every few moments the light changes in the dance of clouds and sunlight, and every few feet shows a new kind of wildflower.
It is said that no one can truly call themselves a mountain lover unless they’ve seen the Dolomites. A more perfect paradise, I can’t imagine, although admittedly I am here in summer, when the weather is mild, the wildflowers abound, and the meadows are green and lush. (It’s a ski center in winter!)

What strikes me almost as much as the majestic beauty all around is the way people live here. For thousands of years, long before cars, trains, and planes, people lived in these mountains. You can still see some of the primitive wood or stone huts, and imagine how they walked the trails, milked their cows, grew and shared their food – as many still do today. Though there are inhabited little houses dotted all across the alpine meadows, one gets the feeling that the land and the people have long ago worked out a harmonious relationship. It is one of the few places where human habitation is not an insult to a pristine wilderness – but actually enhances it.

Living in beauty, the houses are meticulously designed and maintained, with a kind of pride that shows their owners are grateful to live here. Everything is clean, the air, the water, the yards, the streets. The trails are beautifully maintained, colorful flowers are everywhere, both wild and cultivated. Living among this beauty, all the faces I’ve seen are lit up like a child at Christmas. Deep respect and shared awe show in the simple nods that replace knowing what language a stranger speaks. Still when communication is necessary, sincere effort is made, no matter the language. 
Everything here exists to enhance one’s experience of nature and the divine. It feels like a national park, but is actually a series of villages.

This is how it ought to be, I tell myself. That we live in awe of the natural world – no matter where we are, urban and rural alike. That we treat each other with respect, and share the excitement of being alive. That each of us take responsibility for creating and respecting beauty.

If civilization crumbles from human stupidity, places like these villages will still survive -- just as they have for thousands of years before we discovered oil. I feel thankful for the oil that got me here and hope the grace I have received will be dispensed back out through all my workshops this year.

Come to think of it, they are all in beautiful places — Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Kripalu in the Berkshires, New Hope, PA, St. Augustine, Florida, and even Petaluma, California, near my own home. And India in January, for those who want to support a good cause (see below).

Come join us as a co-heart in the creation of an evolving world. Come celebrate Heaven on Earth wherever you are.
Anodea Judith
July 14, 2011