Tuesday, February 1, 2011


January was a time for new year’s resolutions. Discipline, exercise, meditation, dieting, or finishing that project are all common goals that tend to fall away by the beginning of February. How do we keep our attention focused and on track?

From the perspective of the chakra system, manifestation of our dreams is a top down process that begins in consciousness, or 7th chakra and then goes through increasing layers of density until it becomes whole and real. This step-by-step process, if followed, can be exhilarating -- because it brings results.

Here’s how it works:
First we have to think of something. We call this an idea, which is what we get when the Self (I) connects with the divine (Dea). Connecting with the Divine brings us infinite possibilities. We can “think of” anything – being an opera singer or flying to the moon. But that doesn’t mean we can manifest it. Bringing our ideas into fruition requires condensing them into ever more specific levels of reality.

Once we think of something, we can’t help but imagine it (chakra 6). Here we imagine further details: color, shape, timing, even how it feels and sounds. Our idea becomes a little more real because we can “see” it.

Once our visualization begins to take shape, we start to talk about it (chakra 5). We relay our ideas to others who may be part of the process and this brings us right into relationship (chakra 4). As we communicate our ideas within relationship, we may meet resistance, refinement, or support. That depends on how we communicate.

Finding the right relationships to manifest a goal is an important part of the process. You may need a real estate agent, a graphic artist, a coach, or a mentor. Maybe you’re looking for your soulmate or wanting to start a family. But once you find those relationships, the next step is the actual doing (chakra 3). Every project has tasks, and this is where most people fall down. “I didn’t want to have to do that part.” How we keep our will intact has to do with the clarity we bring down from the top combined with the energy we draw up from the earth. How much energy do we give our obstacles and distractions (phone, TV, Internet, food, sleep, chores) versus our chosen goal?

Once the will is focused and activated, the dream begins to take shape. We find ourselves miraculously drawing in what we need as we bring things together (chakra 2). This is where the popular law of attraction comes in – which is just one law among many.

If we complete every step and fulfill all the tasks on our to-do list, our project comes into manifestation. This brings us home to the first chakra, to completion, to having our finished form and to enjoying the fruits of our efforts.

What’s difficult is that we meet resistance at each level. Just as a meteor meets resistance from the atmosphere and then the denser ocean, each chakra layer carries obstacles that must be cleared. Limiting beliefs, lack of imagination, poor communication, inner voices, unbalanced relationships, weak will, lack of passion, and failure to complete are the most common ones.

Creation is ecstasy when the obstacles are removed. It is what we are here to do – to create from the Divine for the Divine and become avatars on earth.

The times are calling all of us to become Master Manifesters. It’s time for a miracle. Come learn how to create one.

(Stay tuned for next blog on miracle making!)

Anodea Judith
February 1, 2011

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