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An amazing thing about consciousness is that once you really see something in a new way, you rarely go back to your old way of thinking. Think of those optical illusion pictures, like these:
Do you see both the old woman and the young woman in this black and white picture below?

Do you see the seated figures as well as the elder couple in this one?

Once you really get something, deep down in your bones, you can’t forget about it. You’re never quite the same and neither is the world around you.

We’re seeing this in the Middle East right now. Now that Tunisia and Egypt have broken the political “sound” barrier with successful uprisings, others are following suit. They’ve proved it’s possible, bringing hope to millions and sparking fires of liberation.

Two combined images from Anodea Judith's
Waking the Global Heart

In Madison, Wisconsin, the Capital Police refused to comply with the order to move out the protesters.
How’s that for standing up to authority from those whose jobs are supposed to enforce it?

In Libya, some pilots chose to parachute to safety and crash their planes in the desert, rather than follow orders to drop bombs on their country. Once again, soldiers, trained to follow orders, choose to follow their conscience instead. They give a message to every other person that is blindly obedient or afraid to resist, that conscience has a power of its own. Story here.

A local pizza company in Wisconsin decided at 3:30 a.m
. to give free pizzas to the demonstrators. It made the news and suddenly their business boomed as people all over the world ordered and paid for pizzas to be served, proving that generosity breeds abundance. See left the states and countries that ordered pizza. Go here and buy a pizza yourself.

story here.

It’s happening dear co-hearts. Once people see what’s possible, there is no stopping this wave of evolution toward freedom and democracy, no matter the cost. It may ebb and flow, but it won't stop. 

There’s a big difference between knowing about something and realizing it. You can know about the events of your childhood, but you might not realize the effects they had on you. I can know about poverty, or I can visit a village in India or a ghetto in New York, and realize what it’s actually like for people. Toward the realization of the gap between rich and poor, there’s a new TV show about millionaires going to live in poverty to see what it’s like, who then get moved to help out. Too bad there’s no TV in jail. Bernie Madoff could use this kind of entertainment.

Realization isn’t knowledge. It is full revelation, a total chakra experience, complete with feeling, seeing, understanding, and truly ”grokking” in your heart the full the implications in your heart.

We may know Monsanto produces genetically engineered foods, but we don’t realize the implications of the fact that there is a dangerous pathogen in GMO Alfalfa, yet the USDA approved it anyway. The article states:
Researchers believe that this pathogen could be causing infertility in livestock and diseases in crops that could threaten the entire domestic food supply.” (Italics mine). This should be top news. Essential reading here.

That’s pretty scary, but here’s some good news:

Last night I saw a movie about one man’s realization that portrayed everything I’ve tried to say in WAKING THE GLOBAL HEART. The movie is called I AM and this was a preview showing with the director Tom Shadyac who was present to answer questions. (director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor, et al). After buying up multi-million dollar houses with his movie revenue, Shadyac had a “realization” of another way of being. He made this movie to show how people can move into the power of love. It’s funny, powerful, and inspiring and nobody's shooting anybody. Tell Hollywood we like these kinds of movies, by spreading the word to go see it. Ask for it in your local theatre. Trailer here.
Show times here.

Once we see what’s possible, we can’t imagine how we lived with less. Miracles are happening everywhere. Times are changing fast and the new world is making itself right before our very real eyes. And that’s the many “I’s” that are coming together to form a far bigger and more powerful third “I” which is WE. And WE outnumber the dictators and wealth mongers exponentially. Once WE fully realize this amazing truth, everything begins to shift in a new direction.

Anodea Judith

March 1, 2011

Photo/Artwork by Will Zero

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