Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is Evolutionary Activism?

A Meta-Sangha Gathering for Integral Evolutionaries

How can individuals and communities become agents of cultural transformation?
What is evolutionary activism?

Sacred Center Friends!

Here is something you should know about!  My friends at IAC (the Integral Awakening Center) are putting on a happening Saturday, November 5th, in San Francisco! Discover what is meant by I am excited by the emergence of these new formats in our local spiritual scene, and am doing what I can to support them by forwarding this message and also teaching at the eventRegister by Oct 31st and save 25%!


Anodea Judith
Integral Evolutionary Palooza
A meta-sangha gathering for integral evolutionaries

18 Teachers
30 Organizations
1 Question...

How can individuals become agents of cultural transformation?

Save 25%  (off door price)
Early-Bird Sale ends Oct 31st

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Saturday, Nov. 5th    [10:30-6:00pm]

Early-Bird Sale Ends Oct 31st
Reserve your spot now!

Sat. Nov. 5th
1187 Franklin St, San Francisco
More info:

Anodea's Upcoming Calendar
Join Anodea Judith for a Transformational Workshop. You will come away invigorated and changed!

“I feel more alive and whole and more real. I feel I have made changes at a core level - changes that will stay with me.” -M.D. Psychotherapist

“I think I’ll be processing and benefiting from this experience for the rest of my life.” -M.C.

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October 2011

Lenox, MA
October 16-21, 2011

Kripalu Yoga Center
Mind-Body Integration
Reg. and info: 1-800-741-7353

Lenox, MA
October 23-28, 2011

Kripalu Yoga Center
Chakra Yoga Teacher Training 


November 2011

New Hope (Philadelphia), PA
November 11-13, 2011

Yogaphoria7 Windows to the Soul

December 2011

St. Augustine, FL
December 9-11

Seven Windows to the Soul
Transformation Through the Chakras

Discovery Yoga

2 0 1 2

February 2012

Lenox, MA
February 17-20, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Center
Seven Wonders of the Soul
Reg. and info:

Lenox, MA
February 20-24, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Center
Creation is Ecstasy Breakthrough Workshop
Formerly known as Manifestation through the Chakras

March 2012

Petaluma, CA
3/3 – 3/4: Sat 12:30–8:30, Sun 11:30–6

Bodyworks Yoga 
Chakra Yoga workshop:
Seven Wonders of the Soul: Transformation Through the Chakras 
email or call 707-769-9933

Dallas, TX
March 23-27
Dallas Yoga Center
Mind-Body Integration
Therapeutic Techniques for Wholeness

New York, NY
March 30 – April 1

New York Open Center
Seven Windows to the Soul

May 2012

Sacred Centers Immersion! Details coming soon.

June 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark
June 22-24
Sponsored by the ID Academy
Seven Windows to the Soul
Ringsted, Denmark
June 27 - July 

Sponsored by the ID Academy
Mind-Body Integration

August 2012

Lenox, MA
August 3-10, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Center 
Chakra Awakening

October 2012

Lenox, MA
October 14-19, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Center
Mind-Body Integration
Reg. and info: 1-800-741-7353

Lenox, MA
October 21-26, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Center
Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

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