Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11: A Beginning in Oneness

1-1-11: A Beginning in Oneness
Happy New Year every One!

January 1, 2011 is 1-1-11 – In numerology, ones indicate a new beginning, and elevens signify mastery – a new beginning on a higher level. This new year’s day we have the reminder that we are indeed all connected, ONE planetary civilization evolving to its next organizing principle: the shift from power to love, or from third chakra to fourth.

This is a time of acceleration in everything we are doing. The issues are getting more extreme, the environmental situation more urgent, the politics more absurd, yet more truth coming out all the time. As creation and destruction are always happening simultaneously, it is also a time of breakthroughs: in science, technology, healing, consciousness, and a weaving together of the world’s greatest spiritual teachings.

Each of us will find in the coming year that spirit is relentlessly knocking off what we don’t need, blocking pathways that are not in our best interest, and challenging us to rise to our highest selves. In a time of acceleration, everything we do is magnified. We need to be wise and caring in our relationships, our business dealings, and all our actions. What counts is what we can give, not what we can get.

When facing your challenges, remember that evolution is at your back, trying to push things into the best alignment for your life purpose. Let go and let guidance take you to the most efficient configuration. The key to freedom is non-attachment. If something is taken away, know there is a reason for it, even if you don’t understand it in the moment.

What spirit is telling me lately is that we can create a miracle on this planet. Why? Simply because we must. It will take a miracle to solve the challenges that face us, but problems are the perfect evolutionary drivers to take us to the next level of social coordination.

A miracle is an act of Divine Grace. Yet our lives are filled with miracles everyday – that spring comes out of winter, that children are born from the womb, that social networks like Facebook have connected 500 million users, that the internet is bringing you these words right now, while billions of galaxies birth stars every moment.

When enough people align with the Divine in the deep communion of the sacred, with a strong enough common intent combined with the practice of spiritual wisdom, we can collectively create a miracle.

Finding our core, aligning our chakras, and integrating Heaven and Earth within our hearts is the act that each of us can take. It is not something that happens tomorrow, or in your next yoga class or meeting, but right now, every moment that we choose to be awake to the possibilities that are right in front of us. To truly see what is here is to witness a miracle. To co-create with Divine force is to create a miracle. Many people focusing intention together creates a planetary miracle.

Meditate on what miracle you want to create in 2011. Join with others and inspire them to turn their minds and imagination toward the miraculous. Know that you were born with a part to play in this amazing Great Awakening, a time unlike any other in history. Know that you are a miracle being born each moment.
Toward a Miraculous New Year!
Your co-heart,
Anodea Judith

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