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Awaken Your Untapped Mind with Energy Awareness!

Energy Awarenesss

by Glenn Hartelius

Thoughts and feelings are as invisible as air. Yet when the wind blows, or an airplane lifts off from the ground, it is pretty clear that air is something real and substantial. Emotions and belief systems, although you cannot see them, are made of a subtle substance that you can feel. When you learn to feel your mind, you will discover that it has as much detailed anatomy as your physical body. Healers often refer to these as “energy structures.” When you discover how to engage with your mind in this way, it opens the way for direct, powerful strategies that you can use to heal and transform your mind in deep and lasting ways.

The first part of your mind that you will learn about is your attention. If someone asks you, “Where is your attention,” you are likely to answer in terms of what your attention is pointed at: “My attention is on what those people are doing across the street.” But your attention is much more than something you use to notice what is going on around you. Your attention is the part of you that is really you, behind all of your thoughts and feelings. Once you learn to notice who you are, once you are able to be this deeper part of yourself, it opens the door to a very different way of being you.

The first thing that happens when you learn to be your attention is that your mind gets quiet. Instead of a constant conversation going on inside your head, you feel yourself as a clear, quiet presence. This makes it easier to notice what is actually going on in your life. Imagine you are trying to have a conversation with a friend over lunch, while also listening to a talk show through an earphone. How much of a conversation would it be? That little voice inside the head is like a talk show host, distracting you from what is really happening in your everyday life. But when you learn to be your attention, the internal chatter stops and you can “pay attention” in a clear and quiet way.

This is just the beginning, for once you learn how to be your attention, you can learn how to move your attention from your head down into the rest of your body. This is important because your mind is in your whole body, not just in your head. When you live in your head, you are living in the part of your mind that responds to life by getting on a hamster-wheel of thoughts and worries, and draining away your energy.

When you learn to move your attention down into your body, you learn how to live in the part of your mind that is creative and alive, that knows how to bounce back from stress, how to connect deeply with others, and how to apply your inner wisdom to the challenges of living.

The other thing that happens when you move your attention into your body is that you gain a clear, direct experience of your mind. Many people understand the mind to be their thinking processes that are somehow connected with chemicals and electrical signals in their brains. Yet the mind is the living intelligence of your whole being, an elegant system of information and perception that you can feel as simple sensations in and around your body.

If learning these skills appeals to you,
you might want to take one of the following courses in Attention Dynamics:

Energy Awareness: Awaken Your Untapped Mind

This class teaches you how to manage your own mind in new and powerful ways. If other approaches to quieting your mind have failed, this workshop is for you.

This work teaches you how to master your mind by managing your attention: the essence of your consciousness. You can work, relax, and connect with yourself and others more deeply by understanding the anatomy and dynamics of the body and mind, just as athletes learn to excel through an understanding of the structure of the physical body. During the workshop, you will participate in group and partner exercises designed to lead you to direct, tangible experiences of the skills that are presented. This is the first workshop in a series of self-development courses that also leads to professional certification in energy healing techniques.

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Energy Awareness II: Living the Energy World

This class opens the world of mind and soul as subtle energy structures. You will gain a comprehensive overview of subtle anatomy, including:

The seven chakras of the body, and their internal anatomy
Six off-the-body chakras, what they mean, and how they connect to the physical body
The hidden chakras: Three major chakras that regulate body, mind, and soul
How to distinguish the "aura" from the deep energy field
The nine layers of the deep energy field
The subtle anatomy of the greater mind
The difference between your healing hands and your fingers of light

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