Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These are the Times

Beloved Co-Hearts:
The time we have all been building up to for lifetimes is now upon us: the time of the Big Shift, all hands on deck, for what many are calling the Great Turning. I call it the Great Awakening because we are on the verge of the greatest awakening that any species has ever had on this planet. Everything is accelerating toward this point and has been for some time. What is important must be anchored, tied down, for the storm ahead. What is not important must be released and recycled-it only becomes dead weight a we rise from the depths of winter, returning toward the light.

I could write lots more but for my New Year's gift I will leave you with this poem.


These are the times we have been waiting for.
These are the times that our countless lifetimes
of living and dying have been leading up to.
Through endless cycles of hope and despair,
as master and slave, soldier and slain.
As a mother who lived through yet another childbirth,
and a child who died much too young,
All to continue the species to be here, now,
Alive at this time of Great Awakening.

These are the times that we have chosen to be here
Chosen to be part of the Big Change
The wonderful realization of who we are,
The recognition of who we've been in the past,
And the tantalizing vision of who we are becoming
Beacons of light co-creating a new world.

These are the times to say
"We were the ones!"
with a thousand, million others
We were the ones,
Who cared enough to change the world.
who considered the fate of the unborn children of the future
Who saw the immense possibilities of miraculous rebirth.

These are the times for us all to say
We were the ones who did turn away
Turned away from what was, turned away from what is
And joined our hands together to turn toward what will be
Birthing the phoenix of glorious possibility from the ashes of a dying world.

We are the ones who dared to see and dared to say
Who stopped at nothing to change the way
Who faced the darkness of our initiation
Faced the death and transformation,
To awaken our divine powers to create a new world.

We are the ones
Blazing with vision, bursting with truth
Weeping with compassion
Staggering with the implications of our understanding

For we are the ones who dared to love
When the world itself had forgotten.

 Letting Go 
 Brightest Blessings,

-Anodea Judith 

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