Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emerging from Immersion

Emerging from Immersion

Emerging Anew by Lisa Rose Musselwhite
I haven't written in awhile, as I was "immersed" in Sacred Centers' Annual Immersion, this year occurring in the Spring. Two weeks of intimate workshops happening simultaneously on the glorious hilltop of Earthrise Retreat Center ushered in spring blessings for all of us. We went deep and far together, with a new level of energy awareness and attention dynamics, deeper access to trance states, and more training in Mind-Body therapies and trauma work. Thank you to all who made this a memorable two weeks!   

Yesterday I participated in a teleseminar with the folks from HeartMath on the heart chakra and the Global Heart, the subject of my 2006 book which I am currently updating for a Valentine's release next February through The Shift Network

Toward that evolutionary goal, I would like to recommend Barbara Marx Hubbard's visionary book, Birth 2012 and Beyond, which goes on special sale today. Barbara is perhaps one of the greatest visionaries of our time. Yesterday her book made it to #5 on the Amazon list -- can you order it today and send it to #1?  That makes a strong statement to the world that we are out there!    

Our new website is almost ready to launch, but like hiking to the top of a mountain or finishing a book, "almost ready" has a way of lasting far longer than you expect. But stay tuned for an all new website with easier navigation, and more free offerings from Sacred Centers.

The end of May takes me to San Diego for the ACEP Conference, where I'll be presenting a one-day workshop on Anxiety and Depression. I'm trying not to get too anxious about it, as that would be depressing. Instead learn bioenergetic techniques for addressing these all too common issues.

After that, we hit the trail for five weeks in Europe, followed by our annual Chakra Awakening: Psychology of the Chakras, a 7-day intensive in August at Kripalu - the ONLY time this course will be offered this year.

Thanks for doing your part to make this world a better place.


Anodea Judith  


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