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Give Your Life An Overhaul!

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Now may be a good time for a systematic overhaul of your life. Sacred Centers core course, CHAKRA AWAKENING (formerly Psychology of the Chakras), is a week-long initiation into each chakra, offered August 3-10 at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA. This course spends one full day immersed in each chakra and brings you teachings by both Anodea Judith and Selene Vega (co-authors of THE SEVENFOLD JOURNEY), for a week-long excursion into another world. Step by step you will engage at each level through therapeutic trance journeys, yoga practice, healing practices, ritual ceremonies, chanting, meditation, and much, much more, held at Kripalu's beautiful 300 acre retreat center in the heart of the Berkshires, with the best food you can find anywhere. This will be the 27th year of offering this course, and many people find it life-changing. This August is the ONLY time it will be offered in 2012, so if you've been thinking about this course over the years, now is the time.
Meanwhile, Anodea is traveling in Europe, teaching five courses over five weeks in three different countries. She just completed three workshops, including SEVEN WINDOWS TO THE SOUL in Copenhagen to an enthusiastic class, and two MIND-BODY INTEGRATION workshops, one in Denmark at Scandinavia's biggest therapy school, ID Academy, and the other at Lichtfontein, Sacred Centers' Dutch center in Appelscha, Holland, founded by SC graduate Anita Geugien. This will be followed by a Manifestation class in Amsterdam, July 12-15, and the tour will end with the SEVEN WINDOWS TO THE SOUL chakra weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, July 20-22. What a world!

Anodea will be re-issuing Waking the Global Heart next February (launching around Valentine's Day) so next year will be devoted to that material. So check out our chakra courses for 2012 and take advantage of Anodea's traveling while she's still doing it.
Have a great summer and hope to see you in person at one of our exciting workshops.

Chakra Blessings,
Anodea Judith

Chakra Awakening
Psychology of the Chakras

Lenox, MA
August 3-10, 2012
Registration and info: 1-800-741-7353

Sacred Center's Core Course!
Intermediate 7-Day Chakra Intensive 

Now in its 27th year! Students have found it to be life-changing. Be prepared to grow!

This training integrates both mind and body within a spiritual context by exploring the inner psychology of the Chakra System as a model for transformational healing and personal growth. Designed for healers of all types who wish to learn new skills, as well as laypeople in the process of their own healing journey, we will spend one full day on each chakra level, making a total of 7 days of training, with an evening introduction and Sunday morning wrap-up.

Each morning will include guided trance journeys, yoga asanas for opening the chakras, bioenergetic exercises, and partner work for integrating your process. The afternoon sessions take the work to a deeper level with psychological exploration, therapeutic demonstrations, and group process, giving participants a chance to work on their own issues, and to practice these techniques with each other. Two evening ceremonies take you deeper into the realm of the sacred.

  • A solid understanding of the chakra system
  • A psycho-spiritual framework for diagnosis and healing
  • Yoga practices for each chakra
  • Bioenergetic exercises for the lower chakras
  • Body-oriented techniques for healing difficulties
  • An understanding of chakras and childhood development
  • A deeper understanding of your own issues
  • A transformational experience
Professionals will find new skills to use in their practice, laypeople will find new insights to their own healing journey. This class is eligible for 45 class hours, CEU's possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers. 

Amsterdam, Holland  
July 12-15
Rishis: Club for Free Souls
Any Questions? Contact info: 06 30411883 or Email Saskia  

Seven Windows to the Soul

Seven Windows to the Soul

Stockholm, Sweden
July 20-22
 More Info
 Contact by email or +46 706 906 906

This weekend workshop gives you both experiential and intellectual tools for understanding the complete chakra system within your own body and psyche. Come prepared to both learn about the chakras and move your own energy into new places.
THE ILLUMINATED CHAKRAS Friday Evening Lecture and Video:
(Selected places only - 3 day workshop)
Learn about the underlying energy currents that feed the chakras, what causes blockages, how to use the chakra system for diagnosis and treatment of energetic imbalances, and much more that make the chakras intelligible and useful as a map for life's journey to consciousness. Evening concludes with a 30 minute audio-visual meditation through the chakras from the award-winning chakra video, The Illuminated Chakras: A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World. (This evening or equivalent is a pre-requisite for the weekend workshop).

An Exploration of the Lower Chakras. Saturday workshop
This workshop focuses on opening and stabilizing the lower three chakras of the seven layered Chakra System. Often misunderstood by ascension-oriented New Age philosophy, we ignore these chakras at our own peril. In doing so, we lose our connection to our bodies and the earth, to each other, and lose our power to make change.

This work reclaims the essential foundation of the Chakra System by focusing on the elements of earth, water, and fire. Through chakra one, we will reclaim the sacred temple of the body, learning skills for grounding and rooting ourselves in the Earth. In chakra two, we will reclaim the mysteries of sexuality and emotions, as powerful agents of connection with ourselves and others. In chakra three, we will reclaim our personal power and will, fully supported by the foundation of the chakras beneath. Techniques used will include yoga and bioenergetic exercises, interactive lecture and guided meditations. Open to all levels of experience.

An Exploration of the Upper Chakras Sunday workshop
After the challenging work of the lower chakras, the journey through the upper chakras opens us to love, light, and liberation. This workshop focuses on letting go of old patterns so that we can move forward into the future. In exploring chakra four, we use yoga stretches, breath, and meditation to expand our capacity for love and connection. In chakra five, we use sounding and chanting, to open our communication and creativity. In chakra six, we explore our inner vision and learn some basic psychic skills. And in chakra seven, we explore the mysteries of our own consciousness through connection to the divine within and without.

14 CEU's possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.

Anodea Judith's 2012 Workshops & Teleclasses

Enter the sacred with others on the path through life-changing workshops on personal and global transformation. Expect to be transformed!

Amsterdam, Holland
July 12-15 
06 30411883 or email Saskia 
Seven Windows to the Soul
Stockholm, Sweden
July 20-22
Questions? Contact by email

Sacred Centers' Core Course!
Lenox, MA
August 3-10 
Kripalu Yoga Center 800-741-7353

Ottawa, Canada
September 14-16  
San Francisco, CA
September 29-30
Lenox, MA
October 14-19 
Kripalu Yoga Center 800-741-7353
Lenox, MA
October 21-26 
Kripalu Yoga Center 800-741-7353  
Lancaster, PA
November 9-11, 2012
Evolution Power Yoga
Please note: updates happen frequently. New workshops being added all the time.  Check website for latest listings.

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Anodea Judith
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